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Universities will be ‘irrelevant’ by 2020

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Have a read and see what you think – David Wiley is no mug.  Free text books are definintely coming.  Any content you want is already freely accessible.  The notion of face to face teaching is becoming less relevant as technology improves and attitudes change.  If the piece of paper at the end of the course is our only real hook, what’s to stop students going to where the service is better.

“Institutions that don’t adapt, he says, risk losing students to institutions that do. The warning applies to community colleges and ivy-covered universities, says Wiley, who is a professor of psychology and instructional technology at Brigham Young University.”

Why do we buy? (1970s style)

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Remember how naf those old instuctional films?  Well combine bad acting, fantastic sideburns and some fairly blatant product placement and you end up with “Why do we buy?”

Ok, this is more Marketing than Finance, but it’s the 1970s, come on!

Relax, and harken back to the days when you could ask “does it come in Mission Brown” and not be laughed at, when flairs were fashionable (as they never were again – that attempt people made in the 90’s was just sad) and when being groovy actually meant something.

Welcome to the AccFin eLearning Blog

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Greetings all,

I plan to use this blog to keep you up to date with the happy smiling world of teaching and learning, and how technology can help you do it better.

There are two ways you can keep up with postings on the site, one is a bit labourous and one is very clever.

You can bookmark this site in your Favourites then visit the blog on a regular basis.  To add a site to your Favorite list, click Favorites and then Add to Favorites

Of course there is a better way – you can set up your computer to send you a message when the blog is updated (it’s called RSS but don’t worry about that).  It’s very simple and once you’re set up, you can subscribe to other blogs, websites and news services.  Don’t go hunting for information – get the stuff you want sent to you.  There are a truckload of feed readers about but I’ll show you the Internet Explorer one (it’s not nesesarily the best but it’s the easist to get to).

You can subscribe a site if the Feeds icon is orange. RSS Subscribe Icon

Click on the icon and select the feed.  Typically there will be only one option.RSS subscribe feed

You will be taken to the subscription page.  Click on ‘Subscribe to this feed’.RSS Select feed

Click the Subscribe button.
  RSS Subscribe

Success!  Click ‘View my feeds’ to see the information from the site.
 RSS View feeds

All the sites you are subscribed to will show.  Click on one to see the latest information, or click the X to close the ‘Favorites Centre’ view.
 RSS Close Favorites

To see your feeds later, select the yellow Favorites Center star.  If a site name is bold there is a new entry.  Hold your mouse over it to get more detail.  Click the site to see the entry.
 RSS Favorites

One problem with this reader is it is attached to your computer.  If you want to get a reader you can access from anywhere you might consider Google Reader.  You have to set up a Gmail account first, but this is something you consider doing anyway.  I’ll be posting on all the advantages of having a Gmail account in later postings.

I’m happy for people to post comments, and any suggestions for improvements will be greatfully recieved.  

On with the show!