Moodle in-class quizzes – tips to make your life easier

A strength of Moodle is its flexibility and range of options, its weakness is the simplest solution can sometimes get masked.  Learn from our mistakes.

What do you do if you want to use one Moodle quiz for a f2f  classroom test on different dates or times?

Don’t be tempted by all the options on the Settings page aim for the simplest, sensible option.

First, my recommended things to avoid (unless you really want to)

1. Avoid the Groups option

This is only useful if you have accurate groups.  Our Allocate+ class lists in Moodle typically are not.  Students often switch tutes, particularly when the lecture is a 8.a.m.  You’ll run around trying figure out why some student can’t open the quiz while others can.  Despite instructions some will attend the wrong session, and you’ll have to deal with it.  Also any students in the group can do it, even those at home.

2. Avoid Timing settings

Setting the Timing means the student can see the Quiz link (and available Date/Time) on their home page, but they can’t access it until the nominated date/time.  It’s good for online quizzes.

quiz timingIt’s not so good for Class tests. The assumption is that your classroom time management is so impeccable that can you absolutely guarantee that you and all your students will be ready to go at the nominated time.  If it’s not, then you have to fiddle around resetting the time.

3. Avoid the Restrict Access settings

With the Restrict Access setting the student won’t see anything on their home page unit the nominated date/time.    The same assumption as above applies (never ever use both).
restict access
4. Avoid the x2 option to create a duplicate quiz for each cohort.

At the very least it gives you multiple columns in your grade book that you will have to reconcile later.

5.  Avoid the Grade condition option in the Restrict Access section.

It just means you have to create some other tute specific activity to be the gatekeeper for the quiz.  (OK, I have used this once.   We created a feedback survey quiz for each tute group and they couldn’t access the quiz until they completed it).

Dos for Classroom tests with multiple cohorts

1. Use the Hide/ Show button

Hide the quiz until  you are ready for students to do it.  Then hit the hide button at the end.  It’s a click of the mouse at a time of your choosing instead of fiddling with dates and times.

2. Use the Require Password option.

When you Un-hide the quiz all students in all cohorts can see it, but if a password has been set they cant do it.  Write the password on the white board so only students in class can see it.
3. Use the Time limit.

The easiest option is to hit the Hide button which will close the quiz, but it’s safer and fairer to use the Time Limit and it’s not hard to set.quiz timing time

At the end of the quiz click Hide and change the password, and you’re all ready for the next Classroom test.  As reminder, I create a hidden label with the instructions it just below the Quiz.  Only the the Tutors and lecturers can see it.

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