How to give a single student access to a closed Moodle quiz

There are a few ways to give a student access to a closed quiz.

Re open it and trust that other students who may have missed the test don’t jump in and complete it too.  You can check the logs to catch them, but this is a pain, particularly in our case with units of 600+ students.

Re open it and set a password.  Of course the student may choose to share it, in which case you’re checking the logs again just to be sure.  You also have to remove the password when the unit rolls over in the following semester.


Set a User Override

This will just give access to the selected student.  There is no need to check logs and no need to reset any quiz settings.

  • Click on the quiz and select User Overrides from the Quiz admin block

Quiz override

  • Click on Add User Override

Quiz override1

  • Search for a student and click on their name
  • Set a new closing date and time for that student
  • Click Save

Quiz override2edit

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