November 2009
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Would you search for Library information on your mobile phone?


(Photo: Brano Hudak, royalty free)

Recently, EBSCOHost announced that they will provide access to search from smartphones. Many of the existing EBSCOhost features such as search modes, limiting to full text, date ranges, peer-reviewed content or by publication are available. Do you believe that you would use this service if the Library implements it? What do you think about it?

5 comments to Would you search for Library information on your mobile phone?

  • maven?

    Cool! This would be handy for early adopters of new technologies. Many libraries are already offering mobile access. I would certainly use it…but first I have to get me a smartphone.

  • Lana

    sounds fantastic. research can take so long that any time is good research time.

  • Ben

    So useful, as Lana said it would be great to use this during ‘dead time’ ie: walking around campus etc. Having the ability to use any of the databases ie: Ovid, proquest, etc in a dedicated mobile form would be very good. Additionally, developing an application for iPhone that could do all this would be perfect!

  • Alfonso

    I probably qualify as “an early adopter of new technology” and I agree with Lana that researching can take long and that any time is good… but also anyplace?

    I’m not sure a phone screen is the best place to flick through hundreds of references… let alone type useful search queries, etc.

    It’s the kind of stuff you’d see in a phone ad, a smart guy/girl artfully checking a few boxes to see later at home and then sliping the phone into his/her back pocket… but given that what s/he’ll be able to see will be too undescriptive (because it’s long) or too little (because it’s short); I’m not sure how many times that guy/girl’ll do it before realising it looks cool but it’s useless.

  • rachel

    That would be handy for us.
    I’m graduating soon. I hope I can experience it ASAP!