November 2009
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Great news for early birds

Andrew Hargrave Interior 38

Do you like going to the library early? You will be pleased to know that in 2010 most libraries will open at 8.00am so you can make an early start.

Greater consistency, predictability and practical, cost-neutral improvements are the key outcomes of the opening hours review Monash University Library conducted this year.

The Library regularly reviews opening hours to ensure they meet users’ needs. Feedback from students and staff received through the user survey,, feedback forms, service points and student forums are used to inform these reviews. Library attendance figures are also an important consideration.

Further changes to opening hours are outlined in another post. Meanwhile, details of hours for the January- April period are available online.

2 comments to Great news for early birds

  • To whom it may concern,

    Thank you for making extending the opening hours of the library. As a phd student, I greatly appreciate it.

    I have also noticed that the study desks on the 5th floor have been rearranged. However, I feel that the new arrangement will NOT be as conducive to study as the old arrangement did. The reason is that, under the new arrangement, we could see all the students’ movements at the corner of our eyes (as the desks are arranged “side-by-side”) while under the old arrangement, our own desk would block the view in front of us quite a bit.

    As I am in my last year, I heavily dependent upon the quiet environment (especially the quiet floors like the 5th floor) to get work done. Therefore I sincerely hope that the library will change its seat arrangement back to the old format.

    Or I would suggest that you do a “informal” survey to ask students’ feedback on this.

    Thank you.

    Olivia Mah

  • Clare Carlsson

    Hello Olivia
    The 5th floor in the Matheson General collection was highlighted as a security risk by the University Security Office. We have had incidents of stealing and ongoing problems with inappropriate behaviour.
    The Attendant staff take their responsibility for the safety of our students very seriously and they feel that this new arrangement of the desks will be more effective in stemming both loss of property and bad behaviour.
    As a Post Graduate student you have the option to book a small study carrel (room) which may be the best option for a quiet environment. Please ask at the Loans desk and they can allocate a room and key to you.
    I will continue to monitor the situation.
    Clare Carlsson, Manager, Sir Louis Matheson Library