September 2010
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Making time for exam study

Look, I know everything is ramping up in intensity as the semester comes to a close, but effective exam study starts now.

It will help you to recall and write informed answers if several times before the exams you review and summarise lecture notes and text books, as well as re-read your assignments (the topics you know something about because you researched them). Deliberately set aside time to do this review for each topic, each week from now on. It’s a much better tactic than waiting until the exam period begins.

Now here’s a tip. Use cards to write just one fact (or definition, or principle, or key idea, or formula, or labelled diagram) on one side. Then write a question related to the fact (etc.) on the other side. You can use these cards for revision at any time – for example, waiting for a bus, over breakfast, when bored with assignment work. Read the question. Can you answer it? Turn over and check the answer.

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  • dlclair

    Eat an apple 30 min to one hour prior to taking an exam. The fuel it contains is boron and can give you the energy and brain power needed to think more clearly through those exam questions.