October 2010
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Library hours for exam study

Studying at the refurbished Pharmacy Library

From now until the end of the exam period the libraries at Clayton campus (Matheson Library,  Hargrave-Andrew Library and the Law Library), will be open from 10am to 5pm on both Saturdays and Sundays to provide students with as much library access as possible.   In addition the Law Library, Hargrave -Andrew Library and Matheson Annexe will remain open on Friday evenings until 9 pm.

In a new development this year, Caulfield Library is extending its Sunday opening hours to 10 pm during the period before and during the exams.  The Caulfield Library is already open  until midnight every night of the week and until 10 pm on Saturday during semester.

For more details of when your library is open, check the opening hours page, or telephone 03 9905 5054

13 comments to Library hours for exam study

  • hliu

    we need library of 24 hrs, which means as much access as possible. Caulfield is full and then move to Clayton, Clayton closes at 5pm. then students move to Mc D or KFC, we paid heaps of tuition fee but we get hell nothing

  • Heidi Binghay

    Hi hliu, the libraries at Clayton are open much later especially during exam period. In fact, no library closes at 5pm on weekdays during semester. I suggest you have another look at the opening hours on the website or get your copy of the opening hours card in the library you frequently use.

    We understand the demand for 24-hour library access at Clayton. The Library is studying how we can meet this demand given the complexity of operating the Matheson Library, for example.

    Some of your fees go to the purchase of material for the ever-growing Library collection which now stands at over 3.2 million items including electronic journals and databases. We are told repeatedly that the breadth and depth of the collection is one of the best things students and staff love about the Library. There are also a range of services offered such as learning skills and information research classes, tutorials and drop-ins. Lectures Online is another popular service. I can tell you more about what the Library is doing and can do for you, if you’re interested.

  • BCom

    can the library not turn off the lights so early 🙁 and the sound of the speakers at 30mins to close is REALLY loud 🙁

  • CY

    I am not sure about other libraries, but for law library, when the closing time should be 9pm, there will be announcement made through speakers 30 minutes before, and we are actually asked to leave by 8.45pm.

    I am not that concerned about it since I don’t need the library that badly, but just thought you guys should know if you guys did not already know.


  • Kay Tucker

    Hi CY, the Law Library has implemented the automated closing announcements this semester in line with the other branches. The first announcement is, as you say, 30 minutes before closing (so 8.30pm when we close at 9pm), asking students to borrow any items they need, the second announcement is at 8.40pm, warning that the library is closing in 20 minutes and that the service points are closing, and the third announcement is at 8.55pm asking students to leave as the library is closing. We’ll certainly check that the announcement system is working as it should.
    Kind regards,
    Kay Tucker
    Law Library Manager

  • Stef

    badly need 24 hours access to the library at Clayton just as other universities.

  • Leon

    Hi Heidi, thank you for your thoughts. I too believe that it is a good idea to have a diversity of services for the students, which have been useful. As a regular user of the library and its services, such as the drop-in services and the learning skills workshops. I for one am thankful for these services.

    However, as much as there is a diversity of services provided, the depth and quality of these services in my opinion had fallen. Specifically, after attending the latest exam preparation workshops. The learning skill workshop went through the presentation very quickly, and was short of the mark in terms of providing examples and details of practical to-dos for students. This is disappointing because some of the previous workshops I have attended were very useful. In fact, in the latest workshops, there was no feedback forms given to students and it seems to be that there lacked a sense of commitment to the quality of these services as compared to before.

    Heidi, as much as there is a a good deal of services provided, perhaps the quality of these services could be better. Perhaps start by bringing back feedback forms to be open to further scrutiny of the services provided.

  • hw

    Yes I agree with more accessibility to the library as well. Or perhaps, I wish to have at least 1 library in the entire Clayton campus to operate for longer period of hours.

  • Shamik

    Hey guys
    How come the Caulfield/ Clayton libraries get extended hours but Berwick Library gets nothing. Just annoyed at this.
    Tuition fees keep going up but only the students at the bigger campuses get all the advantages.
    Basically, if your studying for exams at Berwick, you don’t get anything. It’s still closing at 6pm.

  • jd

    i think some of the staff at caulfield library could be more friendly

  • BCom

    Wow LOL so much negativity!

    I’ll give a positive comment!

    I love how the Matheson has moved the study desks this year!…..particularly to the Annex areas for longer hour study..
    It was a good idea to move the book shelves to one end of the building and the other end just for study desks!

    Well done!!!! 🙂

  • Audrey Genevieve Roth

    24 hour library is a must. I will agree with BCOM and say the study desk/book move was a very good one.

  • Heidi Binghay

    Thanks, Leon, for your feedback about the exam preparation workshops that you recently attended. It has been forwarded to the Learning Skills Manager. Rest assured that the Library has a strong commitment to quality and that robust evaluation processes are in place for our range of services. It is standard to have evaluation forms distributed at library and learning skills classes and workshops. It may have been an oversight during those workshops you attended, unfortunately. Thanks for bringing it up.

    Thanks, BCom and Audrey, for the positive feedback about the Matheson.