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8 birthday wishes for Matheson Library

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Some of you who were at the Matheson Library yesterday afternoon may have been lucky enough to get a slice of the 50th birthday cake. The library had a celebration and guess who came to the party?

No less than the Vice-Chancellor Professor Ed Byrne joined us and, to the delight of those who came, made a much-anticipated announcement.

Drum rolls…

Matheson Library will be refurbished and the University has committed 25 million dollars to the project.

We have collected eight birthday wishes for Matheson Library. Eight is supposed to be a good number, according to Chinese tradition. We can grow the list, why not. Join in and send us what you wish for Matheson via a comment below.

We wish the Matheson…

1. A total makeover

Now that there’s money committed for the reno, we wish the Matheson a sparkling new look that will wow staff, students and visitors. Something modern, edgy even, and really impressive. Something that preserves the unique features of the original architecture of the sixties and brings it forward to today and the future. We wait with bated breath.

2. Soaring popularity

Students and staff love the Matheson. It is one of the most popular vibrant places on campus. We are gobsmacked that over 8,000 people come through daily and expect that the renovation will see this popularity soar even higher.

3. Latest gadgets and gizmos

Matheson already has a range of cool technology products in use such as smartboards, mediascape tables, glass-writing panels and the like. More please.

4. Growth spurt

Matheson has over 1.5 million titles in print and provides access to over 800,000 electronic resources.  Did we mention the special collections? Rare Books has riches stored in there. The Music and Multimedia as well as the Asian Studies collections are a gem. No doubt they will continue to grow.

5. Magical powers

If a magic wand works, we would have used it a long time ago to make the implausible plausible in a number of areas. While the Matheson is open until 12 midnight Monday to Thursday during semester, in 2014, we’ve been able to increase this to 2am from Swot Vac right through to the end of exams. May it continue.

6. Clones

The team of librarians, learning skills advisers and all the staff at the Matheson whose advice is so invaluable to students, researchers and academics — if there is a way to clone them, let’s do it.

7. Luck

We wish the Matheson many happy returns and good luck on its special birthday. Here’s to the next 50 years.

8. Have your cake and eat it too

For its legacy, we wish the Matheson continues to be recognised as one of the premier humanities and social science libraries in Australia. Having the Vice-Chancellor himself cutting the birthday cake is a fitting tribute to the wonderful work the staff in the library are doing.

4 comments to 8 birthday wishes for Matheson Library

  • MSA

    Twenty-four hour libraries during exams and SWOTVAC


    The Students at Clayton

  • Freya

    “Magic Powers” thats a bit of a cop out considering the work that the MSA did researching, lobbying and arguing for longer hours. These things don’t happen ‘magically’

  • Thomas

    I’d like the library to be open for 24 hours during SWOTVAC!

  • Heidi Binghay

    Hi Freya,
    Thanks for your comment and those from your MSA colleagues. By the tone of this blog post, anyone can tell that it was light-hearted and celebratory. If we have to explain “magic powers” it means that if longer opening hours was easy and simple to implement — all factors considered — the Library would have done it. We have a strong commitment to enhancing and enabling the students’ journey and many students know and appreciate that.