January 2015
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New addresses for libraries at Clayton

Entrance to the Law Library, Clayton Campus

Entrance to the Law Library, Clayton Campus

The Clayton campus of Monash University has introduced new street names and building numbers as part of a campus improvement project.

The readressing project is part of the University’s masterplan to create an interconnected university city at Clayton. Incorporation of the new campus plan into systems like Google maps is being organised.

The development of a more logical and pedestrian-friendly campus with improved signage and ambience is welcomed by the Library as it will make it easier for students, staff  and visitors to locate the libraries and travel between them. Students will find also it easier to meet up with friends, find lecture theatres or tutorial rooms, and locate other facilities.

The campus addresses for the libraries at Clayton are now:

The general mailing address for the Library is now:
Monash University Library, 40 Exhibition Walk, Monash University VIC 3800, Australia

Off-campus students returning books by post can use this address to return books to any campus library.

Couriers and delivery trucks can continue to make deliveries to the Library’s loading bay near the Wellington Road entrance to the campus; its address is now “rear of 69 Scenic Boulevard.”

Mail or parcels sent to previous addresses will reach the correct destination during the transition period.

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