From Monash College to Oxford University

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My name is Bushra Al-Maskari and I am a Regulatory Specialist at the Authority for Electricity Regulation in Oman.

My journey started at Monash College with a Diploma of Business.  I completed my Diploma and was accepted into Monash University where I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Law (Distinction). I was also awarded the top student prize by the Taxation Institute of Australia.

Both Monash College and University offer a friendly atmosphere for learning, a comprehensive database of books and online journals, and an opportunity to enrich learning through taking subjects of my interest and short courses. The Student Services at Monash University advised me to take two minors along with my major, which significantly helped widen my career options.

I currently work at the Authority for Electricity Regulation which is responsible for implementing policy in relation to the electricity and related water sector in Oman. I gained experience in economics, law, research and policy while working on projects such as renewable energy initiatives, automated metering, residential energy use research, and the National Energy Strategy of Oman.

I have now been accepted to study the Masters of Public Policy at the University of Oxford. Upon completion of this degree, my career will be focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency policies, as well as the general energy strategy of Oman.

Bushra Al-Maskari

Monash College and Monash University Alumni

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