Sustainability is our business

BusSchoolMonash Business School is now offering a sustainability specialisation as part of the Master of Business.

The sustainability specialisation focuses on current and emerging strategies for improving corporate sustainability. The units within the stream will provide insights into sustainability from the perspectives of governance, ethics marketing and management.

This specialisation is suited to students who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in both business and sustainability issues and who seek employment in environmental governance or corporate sustainability management. It will also suit those who want to enable organisational and individual change towards more sustainable practices.

The sustainability stream is one of 9 areas of specialisation offered in the Master of Business. Our other specialisations are:

  • Information technology
  • Law and responsible business
  • Managing human capital
  • Marketing
  • Project management
  • Responsible management
  • Risk management
  • Supply chain management

New business course guides

Our 2016 course guides are now also available for download. These include the 2016 undergraduate, postgraduate, MBA and Executive MBA course guides. In addition, we offer a new magazine aimed at students looking to undertake undergraduate studies in business.

You can find all our brochures here:

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