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Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea @ eSolutions

Monday, May 21st, 2012

eSolutions will be celebrating Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea over the next week and a half with Clayton, Caulfield, Gippsland, Peninsula and Berwick campuses all hosting a morning tea to raise money for the Cancer Council of Australia.

Come along and make your cuppa count by donating a gold coin in return for a cuppa and a yummy bite to eat. Your donation will help the Cancer Council’s patient support and research programs.

  • Gippsland – Thursday 24 May 2012
    10am-11am – Building 1E, Level 2, Room 12
  • Clayton – Thursday 24 May 2012
    10am-11am – 738 Blackburn, Room 106, Staff Cafe/Breakout
  • Berwick – Thursday 24 May 2012
    10am-11am – Main Foyer, Building 9, Room 01
  • Peninsula – Thursday 24 May 2012
    3pm-4pm – Building A Level 2, Room 23
  • Clayton – Monday 28 May 2012
    10am – 11am – 700 Blackburn, Devon room
  • Caulfield – Wednesday 30 May 2012
    10am-11am Building C, Level 2, Room 05

Click here to register now.

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Mythbusters May

Monday, May 21st, 2012

A few rumours have been circulating that the Service Mangement Office’s  Linda Tran has just returned from London’s Office of Government Commerce where she has been undergoing intense ITIL and  Change Management training for the last 6 weeks…

NewsBytes has no idea who started spreading these rumours about Linda, but we would like to set the record straight. There have been no budget cuts, and Linda has not been hand-picked to be fast-tracked into running the entire SMO on her own. These rumours are false and baseless.

Linda has in fact just returned from her 6 week honeymoon across Europe that included the beautiful coastlines of Cinque Terre and Venice in Italy as well as Seville, Granada and the cosmopolitan hustle of Madrid in Spain.

Welcome back Linda!

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy - low res

Progress on renovations for 700 Blackburn Road

Monday, May 21st, 2012

We would like to thank the staff who attended the Design Principles Information Sessions.  Your input has been appreciated, with Team Workspaces and Amenities being the two areas that received the greatest input.

We are now in discussion with Facilities & Services on which items in each category are appropriate for the new look 700 Blackburn Road and will keep you informed on our progress.

With the opportunity to vacate the whole building for the period of the renovations, this has increased the lead time on defining and preparing appropriate areas at Caulfield.  We are in the process of confirming which groups will be moving into which areas and as soon as we have this information, along the moving dates for each team, we will let you know.

For any further information please call Anne Johnson on x29082 or

One Powerball…

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

The Production Facilities team have successfully completed the consolidation of all physical servers and attached devices located in the University’s data centres into the Remedy Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

This has been an enormous task that began with a physical audit of the University’s data centres. Every object used by the data centres was recorded with location details, position in the equipment rack, serial number, EQ number and other key identification information taken down and listed for future purposes.

From the audit the team painstakingly identified around 1400 objects excluding server racks and networking devices.


Using this information from the audit data, a detailed set of spreadsheets were put together that matched the data with Addhost and SAP asset information, and this was then provided to the Service Management Office who entered it into the CMDB.

As part of the quality checking, Production Facilities also conducted a wide-ranging check of Configuration Items (CIs) within the Remedy Quality Assurance environment before the final upload to the Production System ensuring eSolutions can continue to provide quality service delivery.

Staff can now request the location information of CIs including; Region, Site, Site Group, Floor and Room, for each CI within the data centre. This information will be maintained by Production Facilities and it is expected that this information will go a long way to help maintain a thorough catalogue of eSolutions equipment for future strategic planning.

Message from the CIO – May

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

In light of our recent one year anniversary I would like to reflect on how much we have achieved over the last 12 months. The distance between where we were, and where we are now in service delivery to our customers is significant, and l extend a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone in eSolutions.

I hope you all enjoyed the eSolutions one year birthday celebrations and I would like to thank all the members of the Well-Being team who made the event possible. I would also like to thank all the staff who took part in the eSolutions Birthday DVD. It was an excellent showcase of the opinions and views of our staff who work at eSolutions.

I encourage everyone to take a moment to reflect on what has so far been an enjoyable ride towards improving IT services at Monash and I’m already excited about what we are working towards achieving over the next 12 months.

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Global Walk/Run to raise awareness of Men’s Health Week

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

All Monash staff are invited to take a step toward better health and participate in the Monash GLOBAL walk/run.

Delivered in conjunction with Wellbeing at Monash, Monash Sport and Andrology Australia, the fifth bi-annual GLOBAL walk/run coincides with Men’s Health Week – aiming to increase the awareness and knowledge of men’s health.


Staff can register to participate in the on campus GLOBAL 3km walk or 5km run.

Former Olympic swimmer Matt Welsh will be attending the Clayton event, courtesy of the staff health insurance discount offered by BUPA, and it will be an excellent opportunity for eSolutions staff to legitimately claim they have  beaten an Olympian in a race.

Date: Wednesday 13th June, 12.15pm-1pm
Campus: Many campuses
Register online

All participants will receive a Health Smart lunch at the end of the event and go in the draw to win great prizes.  Participants are encouraged to make a gold coin donation at the lunch to Andrology Australia which will be used to continue the program’s men’s health research and education initiatives.

Project Management Office Update

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

News update from the Project Management Office.

Tanie Van Der Wolk has recently taken on the role of Reporting Officer in the Project Management Office which had been vacant for some months. The result of her recent work has meant that there is now a formalised and published view of where our projects are at and how we are progressing against original budgets allocated to each project. Well done Tanie.

Using an agreed reporting format there has also been a big push amongst the PMO, Communications Team, Portfolio Managers, Programme Managers and Project Managers to achieve the CIO’s expectations. The result of this effort is that eSolutions now have an established process for the Strategic Investment quarterly report with continued improvement to the quality and content of the reports. This has led to positive feedback in terms of achieving an improved standard of reporting and Monash stakeholders now have visibility as to Strategic Investment Programme progress and achievements.

Spotlight – Records and Archives Services

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

In this month’s edition of NewsBytes we speak to Janet Brennen and get to know the team at Records and Archives Services.


1. Who are the people in the team at Records and Archives Services? Have you always been part of the old ITS, and where are you located?

Records and Archives Services consists of three areas: the Records Management Office which generally focuses more on current records, the University Archives which manages valuable, older records and Student Records which manages various student records activities.

Staff of the unit are:
Janet Brennen – Manager, Records and Archives and University Archivist

Records Management Office staff: Angela Cauchi, Catherine Nicholls, Karen Rogers, Michelle Downing, Sandra Ennor, Sandra Gillam and Sue Burton,

University Archives staff: Jan Getson, Janine Patience and Lyn Maloney,

Student Records staff: Anna Velardo and Andrea Meyer.

Records and Archives Services joined eSolutions at the start of 2011. Previously we were in Student and Community Services Division. All of our offices are located at the Clayton campus with the Records Management Office, on the ground floor of Building 3A, the University Archives in the basement of 3D, and Student Records currently in the basement of 3C.

2. What are the responsibilities of Records and Archives here at Monash?

Records and Archives Services attempts to ensure the University complies with records and archives legislation, by providing records management advice across the whole University. This can include information about what records to keep, how to keep them, how to store them and who should access them.  We also do consultancy work with areas about their records management needs and participate on committees and projects where specialist records management advice is required. We are also responsible for ensuring that the University is able to meet the requirements set out by the recently released Public Records Office Victoria – Records Management Standards.

With help from the Servers and Storage team, we manage the University’s records management system (TRIM), including provision of training and help desk support for TRIM.  The Archives also provides specific advice around what records we need to keep, how long we need to keep them and what records can be destroyed. Records that are identified as being required permanently are transferred to the Archives who then provide reference services to the University and the general public.  The Student Records area provides QA and support for the management of student files across the University.

3. What are some of the most interesting or quirky things about your job?

Most staff don’t realise that their central staff file is required to be kept for fifty years after they leave the university.

The University Archives has an interesting collection of photographs featuring people, places and events from the University’s past – and can be viewed here:

We also have some of the photos available through Historypin, if you click on some of the images, then on street view you can see the image superimposed on a current street view.

4. Why is it important to maintain adequate record keeping? Are there any instances where you have had to provide records for an interesting request?

There are a few reasons to keep good records.  Firstly, it’s the law. The Public Records Act 1973 requires compliance from the University, as a body created by legislation in Victoria. So it is important to be familiar with the University’s Retention and Disposal Authority (see and to check with RAS if you are unsure.

Secondly, it just makes good business sense to be able to find records when you need them.  One important thing to note is that this is about more than just searching for records, it’s about being able to identify the records that we are required to keep and how we have to keep them.  If the University is involved in litigation, the records are normally used as evidence, but no outstanding cases come to mind.

The recently published Monash University history – “University Unlimited” ( Allen and Unwin, April 2012) by Graeme Davidson and Kate Murphy relied heavily on the University Archives for primary source information.  There was also a 50 year history written for Engineering last year and histories are currently being written for the Faculties of Law and Education.

5. What do the R&S team do for fun around the office and how do you let off steam?

We all probably let off steam in different ways. We have quite a few expert bakers on the team, so we often get together over fantastic cakes and cookies when we celebrate people’s birthdays or other special occasions.  A group of us participated in the 10,000 steps challenge last year as we have quite a few fitness enthusiasts on board as well. We also have some AFL fans, who go to the footy regularly and others who enjoy quieter pursuits like walking their dogs or gardening.


eSolutions turns one!

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

eSolutions celebrated its one year birthday this month with staff across all campuses gathering for a small surprise birthday party in their buildings.

The birthday celebrations were a chance for many staff to pause for a moment and reflect on the year that has been since the decision was formed to amalgamate the old ITS and a number of other teams under the eSolutions banner.


Cupcakes, tea and coffee were provided and an eSolutions birthday DVD was produced that featured staff from eSolutions, offering an insight into the views and opinions of the many interesting people we have working here.

Special thanks must go to Samantha Hudson, Joy Kneale and Kate Wrathall from the Admin team who did a fantastic job organising the event and baking 600 cupcakes in one day.

For those of you who haven’t switched on yet, if it takes between 30– 45 minutes to bake one cupcake + 15 minutes icing time, then Joy Kneale was in the kitchen baking 600 cupcakes non-stop for 24 hours resulting in an impressive Bake-Rate of 25 Cc/hr!

Baking ladies

Staff enjoy a Taste of Harmony

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

The eSolutions Taste of Harmony lunch day has proven to be a resounding success with a number of staff taking pride in their cultural background and cooking delicious food to share with their colleagues.

Both building 700 and 738 hosted the luncheons and staff were asked to register their interest and include a $5 donation that went to Oxfam.

taste of harmony

There was an excellent mix of savoury cuisines, from traditional Australian and European fare, to dishes from Asia and the Sub-Continent.

Those with a sweet-tooth were also more than satisfied with a delicious selection of cakes and desserts also brought in by staff.

Despite the Domino’s pizza man being spotted delivering a number of pizza’s for unregistered diners, the Well-Being team were pleasantly surprised at the success of the event and participation is expected to rise for the next Taste of Harmony week.

Importantly the event also raised a total of $436.50 ensuring that despite our widening belt buckles, our appetites raised money for a good cause.