Social media making Public Relations 2-way or the highway.

Something I’ve noticed these days is people aren’t stopping to smell the roses or take in the view anymore. As I sit on the train and look around everyone is face first into their life support – their mobile, twittering or checking status updates on Facebook. Its obvious that social media has changed the way we communicate and has become a major influence in our life.

We live in an era where anyone can be a journalist, where breaking news spreads like wild fire across the globe and where information is continuously being created, uploaded, shared and commented on 24/7. In this sense the internet and social media can be seen as the most powerful communication platform in history, making it the most important and relevant platform for public relations practitioners to use.

The Proof:

If you don’t believe me click on some of these links to see what effect social media really has:

Statistics of social media

KONY 2012

The Past:

Before social media public relations practitioners were continuing to use traditional one-way communications approaches of the transmission model on online platforms through websites and advertising. They continued to tell us what we needed instead of listening to what we wanted.

One-way communication

One-way communication

The Present:

Social media is built to let the public have their say. The public can create and share their own videos, opinions, comments and blogs. This has forced PR practice to adapt and evolve to its interactive two-way modes of communication. Long gone are the days of public relations hiding behind the faceless organisation. Now we look into the future with PR practitioners as our friend on Facebook that will follow us on Twitter and comment on our blogs to help us get what we want.

PR listening to us.

PR listening to us.

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