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Move over generation X, Y and Z, here come generation #hashtag: the social media revolution

In a society where we constantly check-in our location, tag our friends, “follow” celebrities and publicise our morning latte and toast to our social communities (#breakfast #delicious #instafood #hashtag), it’s obvious that social media has become entwined into the very fabric of our daily routines.

Social media sphere

Research has revealed that a whopping 23% of facebook users out there check their account 5 times or more daily. Considering the one billion facebook users out there, that’s quite a large amount of “social” activity.

Given our obsession with always being in the know and connecting with everyone from our best friend to ‘the annoying orange’, what better way could there possibly be for organisations to engage with their consumers?

Web 2.0

Long gone are the days where bureaucratic IT departments copied and pasted copious amounts of blunt and boring text onto company webpages in an effort to keep up with the trend of the digital footprint.

We’re in the era of web 2.0 now, and companies are using this new two-way, active and collaborative environment to change the way they conduct their marketing activities [1]. For organisations hoping to raise awareness or instil particular values or lifestyles upon their consumers, social media has certainly helped them step up to the plate.

Take for example, Nike’s #MakeItCount 2012 campaign to promote the Nike FuelBand product. This campaign is a fine example of how some brands are using social media to instil a call to action within its users and create social change.

Nike #MakeItCount Campaign

So, why was this so powerful?

Well, simply enough, it encouraged users to get involved with the campaign and took full advantage of the two-way nature of social media. By encouraging people to make personal pledges for 2012 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #makeitcount, the brand became engaging and relevant to today’s consumers, motivating them to take action.

In an environment where everyone is now accessible by the Internet, Nike has shown other corporations that if you’re going to use social media as a part of your strategy, you have to “make it count”.


[1] Kaplan, A. M., & Haenlein M., (2010). Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media, Business Horizons, 53(1), p. 59-68.

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