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IT Training and Planning Workshop

December 19th, 2009 by cmessom

Recently the School of IT at the Sunway Campus hosted a delegation from KFU for a week long IT Training and Planning Workshop. This covered a range of topics from innovative IT technologies, Learning management systems, e-Research and Collaborative Tools etc, to high level planning issues, such as University Digital Visions and Strategy, Aligning Individual operational plans to high level strategy and visions of the organisation.


Prof Pollard and Dr Ahmed Al-Shoaibi at the Welcome Session

Prof Pollard and Dr Ahmed Al-Shoaibi at the Welcome Session












IT Training and Planning Workshop, Sunway Campus

IT Training and Planning Workshop, Sunway Campus

Welcome to the School of IT

November 26th, 2009 by cmessom

Chris Messom, Head of SchoolWelcome to the School of Information Technology at the Sunway Campus in Malaysia

The School has an exciting programme of undergraduate and postgraduate studies including PhD studies in Intelligent Systems, Multimedia Processing, GRID Computing, e-Research, e-Education and e-Governance.

From 2010 we are introducing a series of minors in IT that will complement both the Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Information technology and Systems degrees as well as various BBusCom, Science and Arts and Social degrees.

With the Monash Passport system the world is your campus and if you aspire to be a leader and to make a significant impact in your life and career, you’ll be able to Choose, Explore, Act, Investigate and Enhance your University experience.

I invite you to join us for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the School of Information Technology, Sunway Campus at Monash University and be part of an energetic team of world leading researchers.