Awegust for Awetism

For the month of August, participants will be choosing and undertaking an “everyday challenge”, to raise awareness of the everyday challenges faced by people on the spectrum.

For instance, you could give up coffee, meat, or television for the month. You could confront a fear of yours, such as riding a roller coaster or making a speech to a crowd.

Participants seek sponsorship to achieve these goals, and the funds raised will be used to expand I Can’s operations so we can reach more young people on the spectrum and help them achieve their full potential.

Here’s a short video the I Can Network have made explaining it in more detail:

And here are some of the fundraising pages already set up:

By undertaking a challenge of your own, or donating to someone else’s, you can help build a better future for people on the autism spectrum.

You can find more information at the I Can Network website.


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