Career Access – would you like to learn some research skills?

A University of Melbourne research team is recruiting six Community Researchers (CRs) to work with them on a project exploring people’s experiences so far of the NDIS in the Barwon trial site. CRs will be provided with training in research skills, including conducting interviews, ethics, and data analysis. This training will take place at the main campus of the University of Melbourne. CRs will be assisted to travel to the Barwon region to conduct interviews with research participants. The positions are casual and CRs will be paid at the Research Assistant Grade 1 rate ($39.49 per hour) for time spent interviewing and time involved in training. In addition to training (12 hours), the position offers approximately six to eight days of paid work (40-60 hours) for each CR. The project is based in the Melbourne School of Government at the University of Melbourne and commences in May 2016.

Please refer to the attached position description for further details, including how to submit your application.

UniMelb PD for Community Researchers April 2016


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