Victorian Government Graduate Program Now Open

The Victorian Government Graduate Program Disability Pathway is Now Open

Applications for the Victorian Government graduate program are now open until Sunday 24 March. The Disability pathway for graduates is a new feature of the program designed to support Victorians with disability during their application for the Victorian Government graduate program and ensures consistent, personalised support in their career in the public service.

What is the Victorian Government graduate program?

The Victorian Government graduate program is the flagship graduate program of the Victorian public service.

Now in its 36th year, our program is a year-long opportunity for graduates to experience public service, grow their potential and gain new skills. It includes 3 rotations in different departments, development opportunities, and a permanent job for all graduates who successfully complete the program.

What is the Disability pathway?

The Disability pathway provides graduates with disability access to safe and inclusive support and adjustments from a dedicated resource. It enables us to better understand graduates as an individual and assists with equitable access throughout the entire process. It can also include support during the graduate year.

The Disability pathway is consistent with Getting to Work, Victoria’s disability employment action plan.

Graduates choose which supports they want to take advantage of, but the pathway can include:

  • regular contact with a dedicated person who supports graduates with disability;
  • support in accessing workplace adjustments;
  • support in accessing flexible working arrangements;
  • connections with peers with disability;
  • access to mentors with disability; and
  • respect for your choice to share or not share information about your disability

Applications to the graduate program can be made through

Amanda Lawrie-Jones, our Disability Liaison Officer, would welcome a call from anyone who wants to learn more about the pathway. You can reach her at (03) 9651 2016 or at amanda.lawrie-jones@vpsc.vic.

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