Autism and Employment Forums

Autism & Employment Forums – Melbourne 14th May & Geelong 16th May 2019

Join AMAZE for a Day of Discussion and Receive Valuable Information About Finding and Keeping Work

You’ll hear from Malcolm Mayfield, author of “The Hidden Curriculum of Getting and Keeping a Job: Navigating the Social Landscape of Employment”, researcher and autistic person.

Malcolm is also the founder and managing director of Autism STAR.

Malcolm will be delivering a workshop titled “The Hidden Curriculum of Getting and Keeping a Job – Practical Strategies”.

In it he will cover:

  • What is the ‘hidden curriculum’?
  • Finding a job – mentors, networking, social media, resumes
  • Job interviews – attire, behaviour, answering difficult questions, online interviews, interview follow up, what are your rights in an interview

You’ll also hear from Stephanie Crawford, a speech pathologist with over 20 years’ experience who now focuses on supporting autistic teenagers and adults to achieve their communication goals.

Stephanie will cover:

  • the hidden rules around communication in interviews and the workplace and strategies to manage these
  • how challenges with executive functioning and abstract language skills can impact on the process of getting a job
  • functional tips on preparing for an interview

This event is suitable for autistic people considering looking for work or wanting tips on getting and keeping a job, as well as people supporting autistic people through employment.

You’ll hear about employment from the perspective of an autistic person, get tips on finding a job and doing job interviews, as well as the kinds of communications often needed in the workplace and how autistic people can prepare for this.

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