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Top Content from AND – Australian Network on Disability

What topics are of most interest to our network? What strategies are getting results? Which local and global news stories are sparking conversations? Here’s a roundup of top content to help you stay in the know.

Top LinkedIn posts

  1. 12 of the biggest challenges people with disabilities face when pursuing an office job
  2. How to disclose a disability to your employer (and whether you should)
  3. The power of person-first language in the workplace 
  4. Employment without barriers – an open letter to recruitment decision makers
  5. What’s the difference between mental health and mental illness?

Top Tweets

  1. Australian advocates travel to UN to highlight discrimination against migrants with disabilities
  2. Forces for change – 7 ways to build a more accessible and inclusive workplace
  3. The economic benefits of increasing employment for people with disability
  4. Belonging in the workplace: A new approach to diversity and inclusivity
  5. Dylan Alcott launches campaign fighting barriers to work for people with disability

Top content from AND

  1. Workplace adjustments in best-practice organisations
  2. 3 Steps to take before you ask employees about their disability status
  3. Tips for creating inclusive products and services 
  4. Key dates and campaigns to add to your calendar
  5. Interview with Medibank: How we became a top performer in access and inclusion

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