Department of Social Services Graduate Program

The Department of Social Services is offering a challenging and meaningful career at the heart of the Australian Government’s social policy agenda.

The DSS have a central role in delivering policies and programs that improve the lifetime wellbeing of people and families in Australia. They are responsible for about a quarter of the Australian Government Budget, responding to need across people’s lives, encouraging independence and participation, and supporting a cohesive society.

The Department is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive workforce that supports the employment of people with disability. As an education institution that shapes our future leaders, the DSS considers it imperative to work together to provide transitional opportunities for university graduates with disability, and strengthen relationships between tertiary education and employment. Currently, DSS is participating in the Australian Public Service (APS) RecruitAbility Scheme Pilot. The purpose of the Scheme is to support and increase employment of people with disability.

Please email Andy Paras, Director of Learning, Development and Diversity, at if you require any further information.

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  1. Jo Williams-Frew Says:

    Note that these details are no longer valid. Instead you can now refer to if you require updated Graduate Program information.

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