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About Sustainability Matters

We at Monash are Greening up our act! and working hard to ensure a more sustainable future by actively engaging students and staff.

As part of this we have developed this blog as another way to enable all students and staff to have their say!

We would like your feedback on what Monash is doing to reduce its environmental impact and environmental sustainability issues in general! So please contribute to this blog by adding general comments, opinions or even suggestions!

For further details on environmental sustainability programs at MonashUniversity please see Greening Up our Act.

You can also report an environmental issue via the Green Action webpage.

How will this blog be used? Input from this blog will be collated on a regular basis and reviewed by the Office of Environmental Sustainability. The blog will also be used as a method of generating discussion on sustainability at the University.

Please see the links on the right for the relevant environmental category. 

We look forward to receiving your ideas and input. Sustainability Month