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Monash University Blogs

The Blogs service is provided to enhance the web presence of Monash University. Following are two lists of currently active blogs: public, and Authcate restricted access.


– Accounting and Finance eResearch Blog
– Keeping you up to date with Educational Technology
– The AIC Australian Studies Fellowship Alumni Blog
– Investigating the use of blogs in teaching
– Monthly Business and Economics Bulletin Blog
– Climate conference diary
– Monash Research Group in Discrete Mathematics
– Learning resources for students
– Better education through research and development
– Sharing teaching and innovation in Science
– Personality Abilities and Individual Differences Research Team (PAID-RT) Blog
– Information and Discussion for PhD and other HDR Students
– News and updates from Monash HR
– A resource for beginning cyclists, commuters and bike design enthusiast
– Providing information about work that is going on within this service
– Provide up to date news and information on IMPACT 7 Conference
– Newsletter for international students
– News and advice from your partner in education and research
– Higher Degrees by Research
– Apple University Consortium
– News and updates from Monash HR
– The exchange of quality engagement within the marketing profession
– Supporitng domestic undergraduates from low SES background
– Weather and Climate research group
– A festival of events that celebrates the extraordinary diversity of cultural life on Campus.
– a voluntary academic assistance program
– a journal about the future of PR
– News from the School of Rural Health
– to understand what students/participant would like featured in the short courses
– e-Research, e-Education and e-Governance
– Summer Vacation Program blog
– To Disseminate New Information About SPHPM
– Blog for the Disability Liaison Unit at Monash University, Melbourne
– Discussion around environmental issues raised over Sustainability Month
– Proudly brought to you by Wellbeing at Monash and Monash Sport
– Business & Economics Department of Management

Authcate Restricted access

– (Authcate Restricted) Teaching and Learning Conference
– (Authcate Restricted) eSolutions Alfred Centre
– (Authcate Restricted) Capture community feedback regarding SOE Pilot
– (Authcate Restricted) forum for feedback from students in relation to matters discussed at Faculty committees
– (Authcate Restricted) Monthly Newsletter for the Client Services Team
– (Authcate Restricted) Cloud Solutions blog
– (Authcate Restricted) Dean’s blog
– (Authcate Restricted) A demonstration model for student engagement
– (Authcate Restricted) blog demonstration for e-Research
– (Authcate Restricted) Communicating Faculty Forum activities
– (Authcate Restricted) Sharing research admin information
– (Authcate Restricted)
– (Authcate Restricted) Global Studies Blog Assessment
– (Authcate Restricted) Student Business Services
– (Authcate Restricted)
– (Authcate Restricted) Law Faculty Gazette
– (Authcate Restricted) Providing daily updates
– (Authcate Restricted) News, updates and alerts for Monash HR staff
– (Authcate Restricted) Information for Staff
– (Authcate Restricted) An online archive of the Remedy Tips of the Week
– (Authcate Restricted) newsletter to current scholarship holders
– (Authcate Restricted) ITS Services Update
– (Authcate Restricted) Timely information and advice on student administration
– (Authcate Restricted) Advancement Web Centre activities

By default all blogs will be open for everyone in the world who has an internet access to view it. Posting comments to a blog will be restricted to Authcate users only. If you need these settings changed for your blog then please let us know.

All blogs should adhere and comply with relevant IT policies, state and government laws, statutes and guidelines.

Contact the Service Desk for more information.