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FutureLearn the Monash MOOC

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Given this is a Monash blog I thought I’d put a bit of time into FutureLearn which the xMOOC platform we have aligned ourselves with.

This wasn’t a FOMO decision which I think fueled the, slightly unseemly, Coursdacity gold rush.  Other platforms were looked, at including, Open2Study, the Open Universities Australia option.


I have had a play, and the initial structure looks much the same as the other xMOOCs – text content, video content, comments sections and a multi-choice quiz.  A Basic MMOOCw (moderated courseware).

The structure could lend itself to the lowest common denominator model of just dumping f2f material online, which appears to be what’s happening in most Coursdacity MOOCs, although this is more a reflection on the learning designers than the platforms.

Doug Clow has a more detailed review, and provides a bit of background.  It’s worth a read.

The big plus

The major point of difference they are selling is  a greater social aspect, which sounds interesting and may address one of the major failings of the current batch of platforms, but this appears to be an upcoming feature, so we’ll have to wait to see how it works.

It looks like we’ll have a few Monash courses in the pipeline soon.  If you are a Monash person and you are interested in developing a MOOC the proposal information is here.

The Art of Teaching – videos

Monday, September 16th, 2013

The Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning at the Vancouver Island University has a series of teaching videos that are worth a look.

They are short, to the point and well produced.

On the downside they are Flash based and have to preload before they play.

Lecture Video link hardware

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Here’s how we set up our webcams for the lecture video link.   Custom mounting a webcam isn’t a new idea, there are plenty of ‘Maker’ style sites with instructions.

We’re using 2 Logitech c525 HD webcams.  They have a swivel mount so we can turn them toward the audience during question time.

webcam tripod

We’re using flexible tripods (Gorilla pods) to allow for our atypical sloping lecturns.  They also have detachable tripod mounts.

webcam tripod1

I drilled hole in the base plate with 5.5mm drill bit.  The base is metal so you need a high speed drill and a sharp bit.  You need to aim for just below the logo or you push out a small cover plate on the other side.

webcam tripod2

Screw in the tripod mount.  You need to strong hand to do this.  A 6mm drill bit might do the job better but we wanted a tight fit.

webcam tripod3

The finished job.

webcam tripod4

PowerPoint slow to open and print? Check your embedded docs

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Here’s something new (to me anyway).

I was sent PowerPoint that was slow to open, and slow to print.  It was 6MB.  Too big considering the content but it still should have opened faster.

I had a look and found that many of the text boxes were in fact embedded docs
(R. click on the text box and you’ll see a Document Object option).

ppt embed doc

So I decided to check the file by clicking File>Info

Then selected Check for Issues then Inspect Document.

Document Properties was highlighted so I clicked Remove all and Close.

ppt embed doc prep

Hey Presto!

6MB turned into 1MB and it was fast to open an print.

Free U.S. audio – Are you partial to Yodeling?

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

There are number of free audio resources around web.  This one from the U.S. Library of congress is interesting, but perhaps more novelty value than useful.  There are a small number of early political speeches, but if you’re looking for some background audio and are partial to original Blues or Jazz this could be just the ticket (the songs stream – no dowlnloads).  There is also Whistling and Yodeling but I can’t for the life of me think of a use for them

“The Library of Congress has made available more than 3 million music and spoken-word recordings for online public streaming as part of a new National Jukebox project, a joint venture between the library and Sony Music that will give free access to thousands of Sony-controlled recordings long out of circulation because of commercial or copyright issues. Some of the 10,000 titles streamable at the new National Jukebox website have been unavailable for more than 100 years”

I found the Humour section amusing but perhaps for the wrong reasons.  The comedy routine, “How mother made soup”, where mother used a soup  recipe from the newspaper, only due to her illiteracy she mistook soup for soap and poisoned the family, was pure 1909 comedy gold.

Actually the funniest line on the site is from the web developer who added this descriptor to the ‘Humorous Songs’ section

“Note that use of the term “humorous” indicates only the intention of the work at the time the recording was made.”

Accounting and Finance iPad Users Group

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

We are trialling iPads in the Accounting and Finance department.   To support the trial I have put together a support site.

If you would like access please let me know

The WFC according to South Park (is there any higher authority?)

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

The Margaritaville Episode on the WFC is a classic.  It plays on the bewilderment and confusion surrounding the collapse.

It also explains the chicken noises Uni Board meetings.

This link is to the SP site so there are no copyright issues if you link to it in class. 

I don’t think this episode has screened in Australia yet, so you can’t copy it  ( for the rules on copying from TV check )