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Weekend – The ideal gift for your clever kid

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

“Plug Makey Makey GO into the USB port of your laptop and then Alligator Clip an object to the Makey Makey GO board. For example, a banana. When you touch the banana the Makey Makey GO sends the computer a keyboard or mouse message. The computer just thinks Makey Makey GO is a regular keyboard or mouse. Therefore it works with all programs and webpages, because all programs and webpages take keyboard and mouse input.”

Watch the video

makey makey

While this is a Kickstarter I think this  product will get made.  It’s a portable version of a product they already make, and they have certainly hit their target.  It’s currently $19 USD to ‘order’ one vi Kickstarter

Weekend – Farewell to Summer – 100 great surf pics in 100 days

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

joel wave

There is a 100 day project site on Facebook site.

The premise is simple: For 100 days you must repeat a design operation of your choosing. The ‘operation’ must be repeated in some form everyday, and every iteration must be documented for eventual presentation. The medium is open.

Joel Sharpe, movie maker and photographer, is posting 100 days of waves on his instagram site.



Note, this has nothing to to do with the 100 pictures in 100 days FB site, which looks like it was designed specifically to aid stalkers and identity thieves.   Apparently, some contributors view it like Lent, limiting their image and ego posts to 1 per day.

Weekend writing – self publishing resources

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Self publishing has changed remarkably over the past 5 years.  It has gone from being mainly about shelling out to vanity presses, to now where there are professionals making huge amounts money (of course most people don’t).

It can be hard to know where to start or even if to start.  There are a bewildering range of options and opinions.

Well this could be a good place to start –

It was launched this week and has been put together by Publishers Weekly.  I haven’t had much of a look at it yet but PW is a trade magazine that has been running for over a hundred years, so their reputation and track record is pretty good.

“Publishers Weekly is getting into the self-publishing business with launch of a new site dedicated to self-publishing.”

“..focus on three main subject areas: book creation which includes editing and cover design; publishing which is all about the physical manufacturing of a book; and book marketing, which will include information on distribution, publicity and sales.”

Weekend Writing – 29 ways to stay creative

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

29 ways to stay creative

Weekend writing – the twitterism of journalism

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

I write a bit, manuals, quick guides, the occasional print media article, this blog (it has it’s 5th birthday next month) and I have a couple of truly appalling, never to be published novels*.   I have more than a passing interest the publishing industry.

It’s an area that is being heavily impacted by changing technology, and the issues of ‘New Media’ and ePublishing certainly bleed into the Ed Tech space.  With that in mind I thought I might throw in an occasional writing/publishing related post on the weekend.

This is the first.  It’s a video from the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne.

How Twitter and other services have changed the dynamic between news media, journalists and audiences.


*but the third one will be genius.