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Weekend Reflection – The Economic Threat of Climate Change: ‘Business-as-Usual Is Actually Radical Risk-Taking’

Saturday, June 28th, 2014


Weekend – Take a deep breath

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

It’s exam time for students, marking for academics, and reports for teachers.

Just focus – one last push – then a break.

double rainbow awesome

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Weekend Reflection – Why Adam Hills is a national treasure

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

This it opening monologue from the Adam Hills Show last week (July 24th 2013).

“Before we start the show tonight I want to address a criticism that has been aimed at the abc of late and that is that we are all a bunch of “and I quote” lefty wankers.

Now I can’t speak for everyone at the abc but I tell you right now that I am not a lefty. When I vote I vote for the person who I think is going to do the best job for me and my country. What I do vote for however are policies of compassion, little bit of humanity, little bit of kindness.

And do you know what that makes me, it doesn’t make me a lefty it makes me a softy and I’m proud of it.

A softy is what happens when you combine a hippy with a yuppy by the way. I may not chain myself to a tree to save a rainforest but I will damn well donate to the cause through my paypal account.

And as a card carrying softy when I see two people that want to get married I say go for it regardless of how many breasts or penises are involved. When I see a boat load of persecuted people trying to escape a brutal regime I just want them to be treated with basic human dignity and by the way before we send these new arrivals to Papua New Guinea are we at least asking if any of then can play cricket? Because I don’t eat to see the Australian test team bowled out for 128 by Port Moresby first 11.

And when I hear 97% of the worlds scientists say we’ve got to do something about global warming call me crazy I believe them. Not that I need their opinion mind you because I’ve seen global warming. I’ve been to Edinburgh, i can tell you now there are Scottish people with sun tans, that is not natural.

And according to certain scientific predictions in a hundred years time we’ll all become boat people and the only place in Australia above water then will be Uluru and it will be covered by 200,000 aboriginal people saying “sorry fellas not this time”.

I honestly don’t care if you vote for tony rudd or Kevin Abbott at the next election, all I want is for someone to show a bit of compassion.”