Autism – How My Unstoppable Mother Proved the Experts Wrong

Monash alumni, Chris Varney is an all round, high achiever, having served as Youth Ambassador for World Vision, Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations, among other distinguished positions. Chris also has Asperger’s, and he was invited to talk about his personal support network which enabled him to believe in himself, at the TEDxTalk conference.

In his own words:

Increasingly, I speak publicly on the Autism Spectrum and the need for an ‘I CAN’ approach. I have become very concerned by the stigma surrounding Autism which I believe negatively impacts children and their families who deal with the Spectrum on a day to day basis.

Labels can limit our self-belief. In my experience, I have met too many children and families who have been told they can’t do things. Yet I know these children can do everything they put their mind to and even throw in a little extra! It starts by creating an enabling environment for their different ‘orbit’.

Watch Chris’ inspiring words here.

Read more about Chris’ amazing work here.

One Response to “Autism – How My Unstoppable Mother Proved the Experts Wrong”

  1. Penny Robinson Says:

    I’ve just watched Chris’s talk, after I was told about it yesterday at the Monash Disability Committee meeting – where I’m the staff representative. Great talk, with very few slides – I especially liked the end where Chris’s mum in the audience got a big hug!
    I also have Aspergers’s syndrome. I think the ‘label’ has been useful for me, because I understand my strengths and weaknesses better – and have strategies for the latter, such as anxiety.
    Penny – staff member, and student (again!) at Monash

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