Divine – A website for people with a disability

Divine is a website for people with a disability. It is published by the Victorian Government’s Department of Health and Human Services.

A team of writers, all of whom have a disability, have written for the website since its launch just over seven years ago. They have written on a wide range of topics, often sharing their own experiences, interests and passions.

Divine survey

The Divine team wants to redevelop the website with a new brand, new content and an improved user experience.

The team wants to know what you think of its plans for Divine. By completing the survey you can help them understand what kind of content you expect or want on a website for people with a disability.

  • Your answers will be kept private.
  • The survey is open until 30 April 2016.
  • The questions will take about 7 minutes to answer.
  • The team would appreciate you sending this survey to anybody else you think it might be relevant to.

Get started

Select this link to get started. Or copy and paste it into your browser.



Please call the Digital Engagement Unit if you:

  • need to do the survey over the phone
  • would like a paper version of the survey
  • have any questions about the survey.

You can contact the Digital Engagement Unit:

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