DWF ‘Study Assist program’ for People Living with HIV/AIDS


A way to help you gain higher qualifications

With improved medications, longer life spans and improved social accessibility many people living with HIV are considering various career options, including returning to study. The committee of DWF is proud to announce the start of ‘DWF Study Assist’, a way to support you to gain higher education qualifications.

The DWF ‘Study Assist’ allocation has been established to contribute towards the cost of further education, i.e. books, enrolment fees, short courses etc. Further, there are many equity scholarships associated with Universities / TAFE’s /Colleges, which this project can direct you to. For more information, please make an appointment with the David Williams Fund Coordinator or check university / TAFE websites for more information.

The David Williams Fund is committed to working in a more holistic way to enhance health outcomes through skills development and information acquisition through further education.

Criteria for education assistance

HIV +, living in Victoria and on a Social Security benefit from Centrelink with no more than $5000 in a bank account.

  • In the first instance, find the course you would like to study and look into available TAFE or University scholarships. Scholarship information can usually be obtained through university websites, which stipulate when applications need to be submitted (usually October prior to the commencement of semester). Scholarships can also provide assistance with accommodation fees, books etc for people on low incomes and/or with a Health Care Card.
  • If it’s a short course, scholarships may not be available. DWF however may be able to assist. For your application to be considered you will need to obtain 2 quotes for a comparable course from different education institutions and make an appointment with the DWF Coordinator. These education providers must be recognized and approved learning institutions.
  • Write a proposal as to why you would like to go back to study and how it may improve your health, well being and/or future with career prospects.
  • Whilst studying (for any course of length), 6 monthly review meetings will be conducted to see how you’re study is progressing how we may be able to support you to continue to study.
  • Each grant will be case by case, depending on your situation & funds available. We may be able to assist you with the provision for books, fees and other items that may be necessary for you to return / continue to study
  • The David Williams Fund ‘Study Assist’ application form must be filled out fully with all quotes / health card cards attached to be considered.  Forms are available from the
  • Positive Living Centre (PLC) reception or online at www.vac.org.au/dwf .

If this interests you, please feel free to contact the Positive Living Centre reception on 9863 0444 and make an appointment. Please bring in all the information about the institution and course you would like to study with and costs associated with this.

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