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Accessibility in the cloud – benefits, issues and trends

As a new survey shows an increase in the use of the cloud in 2016, the impact of this on people with disabilities and impairments becomes ever more important. Media Access Australia has produced a white paper, Accessibility of Cloud Computing – current and future trends, which provides valuable insights into cloud accessibility.

Video advertisements on Facebook to be auto-captioned

Facebook will roll out a new feature to make auto-playing advertisements more accessible to people who are Deaf or hearing impaired, using captioned video instead of auto-playing content with sound. The feature is being introduced following a survey that found 80 percent of people react negatively when loud ads play automatically within the content feed.

Class action launched in the US demanding captioned lyrics

Nine deaf advocates and individuals have launched a class action against a number of Hollywood Studios, including Disney, Sony, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros and Universal Studios, for failing to caption song lyrics in movies and TV programs.

Accessibility article

Are you wasting your time creating an accessible PDF?

The collective knowledge around the creation of accessible PDFs is slowly but surely growing, making this flexible format more widely available to people of all abilities. But what if you make your PDF accessible, yet someone still finds it inaccessible because of the way they open it? Accessibility Services Manager, Ally Woodford, explains how to ensure your documents are accessible to users of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome, providing important tips to guarantee readers can engage with your PDF content effectively.

Useful resource of the week

Learn about Australian legislation and policy, as well as international regulations for access, in Media Access Australia’s Research & Policy area. You can also find ourresearch and reportswhite papers and guides available to download in accessible Word and PDF formats in this section.

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