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CES 2016 accessibility round-up

The annual International Consumer Electronics Show, which was held in Las Vegas in January, is generally considered the world’s largest showcase of consumer electronics. With products ranging from futuristic prototypes through to things we’ll see in stores soon, it’s a good opportunity to see what some of the accessibility implications are for 2016.

Researchers seek feedback on video-on-demand accessibility

A new ACCAN-funded Australian research project is asking people to take part in a survey about the accessibility of video-on-demand (VOD) websites. The study is conducted by researchers Dr Mike Kent and Dr Katie Ellis of Curtin University, looking into the growing popularity of VOD services delivered via the internet. This 15-question survey aims to gain the “perspectives of people with different disabilities on how accessible the different services offered are.”

ACMA releases submissions to caption quality review

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has posted submissions received in response to its discussion paper ‘Review of Television Captioning Standard’, which was released in November 2015. Submissions were provided from ACCAN, Deaf Australia Inc, Ai-Media Australia, FreeTV Australia, Astra, ABC, SBS and more, as well as Media Access Australia.

Stan introduces closed captions

Subscription television service Stan has quietly introduced closed captioning on a selection of its titles, with more to come. The service was criticised for not providing captions when it launched in January 2015.

Audio description on ABC iview now available on FreeviewPlus

The trial of audio description on the ABC’s iview, which commenced in April, has now been extended to FreeviewPlus. Previously, it was only available in iPhones, iPads, Android devices and desktop computers.

New podcast

ABC iview audio description trial moves to desktop computers

The trial of audio description (AD) on the ABC’s online iview service which started in April has now been extended to desktop computers. Media Access Australia’s Project Manager, Chris Mikul, discusses the progress of the AD trial, new programs available with AD, how many people have been watching programs with AD and responses to the trial so far.

Useful resource of the week

Enrolments are currently open for the next Professional Certificate in Accessibility course, which runs from 22 February to 1 April. With lots of positive feedback from past students, many career benefits for course attendees and countless reasons to make the web accessible for digital consumers around the world, Media Access Australia’s Marketing Executive, Philip Jenkinson, explains why you should become qualified in web accessibility.

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