What’s on at Peninsula campus?

Join a non-residential college!
Are you worried about missing out on social and academic advantages because you don’t live on-campus? Monash’s non-residential colleges (NRCs) aim to provide these benefits to students living off-campus. Gain access to social engagement and support, mentoring from senior students and a range of social, sporting, academic and cultural programs by applying to become a part of Peninsula’s NRC, Aquila. Activities for semester 2 include Trivia Night and many more!

Know your rights as a student
MONSU Student Rights provides free, confidential advice on academic progress, administration questions, grievances (complaints), discipline (misconduct), result disputes, special consideration and fee reimbursement. They can assist you through face-to-face appointments, telephone appointments and email communications.

Stay mindful at Monash’s free meditation sessions
Monash is holding free lunchtime meditation sessions every Thursday at Peninsula campus. Come along to reduce your stress levels, improve brain performance and enhance your wellbeing.

Join a club… or start one!
There are all sorts of clubs and societies at Peninsula campus that students can join to get involved in the fun side of campus life and make new friends. However, if your particular hobby, religious or interest group isn’t represented, then there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own club! MONSU are strongly encouraging applications for a Business Students Club and a Chinese Students Club, or you can create your own special interest club if you have enough people interested in participating. Contact MONSU if you have any questions or want to start your own club!

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