“I CAN” Now on Social Media

The “I CAN” network is now on various social media platforms, to spread the “I CAN” message.

If you have a twitter account, you can follow us (@I_CAN_Network).
If you don’t have an account, you can go to http://twitter.com/I_CAN_Network to view our tweets.

Twitter is a very quick and easy way to say a short (max 140 characters) statement, or get a message out. So far, details of the “I CAN Monash network” gatherings and camp planning sessions have been posted on twitter, as well as the link to @chrisrvarney’s TEDxMelbourne talk and @PennyRobaus’s “Working Successfully with Aspergers Syndrome” talk.

There is also a “I CAN Monash network” secret group on Facebook. The aim of the Facebook group is to enable students in the “I CAN Monash network” to communicate – either with the group as a whole (on the “wall”), or directly with other individuals who have joined the group through the “inbox” (private message).

On Facebook, there are three types of groups:

  • “Open” – your other friends know you’re a member of a group, and what you write on the group wall.
  • “Closed” – your other friends know you’re a member of a group, but can’t read the group wall.
  • “Secret” – your other friends can NOT see you’re a member of the group, nor can they see the wall.

We have decided to make the group secret, for everyone’s privacy.

So to join the group, send Penny a “friend” request on Facebook (and write a short private message to her), and she can then add you to the group. https://www.facebook.com/PennyRobinson.aus

Stay tuned for the “I CAN network” Facebook group which can go on mass!

In breaking news, there is now an email address for the “I CAN” network.
You can now email the team at the following email address: the.ican.network@gmail.com

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