I CAN Monash network – End of exam gathering details

We are having a gathering to celebrate the end of the exams. Originally, the plan was to have a “pub night”, but we’ve decided to meet at Penny’s new house in Sandringham instead.

Date: Sunday 24th November

Time: arrive between 12:30 – 1 pm.

Where: Penny Robinson’s house (contact her to get the address)

Bring a plate of food to share – preferably onion/garlic free. (And a foldable picnic chair, if you’ve got one!)
Meat can be cooked on the electric griller, or in frypan on the gas stove. (No BBQ outside – yet!)
There is a supermarket (Coles) near Sandringham station, if anyone needs to buy food on the way.

Transport options:

Drive: there is car parking in side streets, with no time limit.

Public transport: Get the Sandringham line train to Sandringham station, and then either walk (1.3 km), or get the 822 bus from Sandringham station to the “John Batman Gardens” stop on Bay Road.

RSVP to Penny Robinson (Penny.Robinson@monash.edu), preferably by Fri 22 November.

This event is also listed in the “I CAN Monash network” secret Facebook group.

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