IBM and ANZ Graduate Programs

A message from Rob Crestani, a Senior Consultant – Abilities Program at ANZ

IBM and ANZ oversee successful Graduate Programs which provide excellent opportunities for students to transition in to very meaningful careers once they have completed their studies.

Over the last three years we have been working with universities to promote our Graduate Programs and their benefits, particularly focussing on students with a disability. We have been making steady progress in the increase of the number of applications from students with a disability. Our programs also manage the reasonable accommodations for students that are willing to disclose so we can better ensure they move through the Graduate Programs’ recruitment processes.

This year, together, we are hoping to improve the chances of students with a disability even further by closely monitoring and managing them through the standard process (after the initial application) and evaluating them individually to ensure that a higher percentage of students with a disability make it through to the assessment centre stage.

Whist we originally concentrated our efforts amongst the universities in the Melbourne metropolitan area, our aim this year is to increase our focus to a national level. We have found it difficult when contacting interstate universities to either organise students to one place or to connect to each university due to technology reasons. IBM may have found a solution for students to access our presentation as long as they have an internet connection and access to a telephone.

We will be hosting two presentations via IBM’s SmartCloud meeting function.

  • Monday, 24th March at 3.00pm AEST
  • Tuesday, 25th March at 11.00am AEST

Step 1 for students is to join the IBM SmartCloud meeting online to view the presentation and use the instant message or chat function.

To access the IBM SmartCloud meeting:

1. Use the URL:

2. Enterthe Conference ID – KYLIEBA

3. Join the meeting as a ‘guest’

Step 2 is to join the audio conference so they can listen to what Kylie Badenach from IBM and I have to say about Graduate Programs at IBM and ANZ.

1. Dial 1800 854 950 (Australia Toll Free)

2. Enter the participant Access Code 61835083#

We will be presenting details on the application process, the qualifications required and the recruitment processes for both Graduate Programs with the aim of helping students better understand the process and in turn find it easier to make a decision on whether to apply.


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