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Xbox Becomes More Accessible with Party Chat

Xbox Party Chat will now support transcribing speech into text and synthesis of speech from text

These features can be used to help gamers who are deaf or hard of hearing and/or cannot or choose not to speak to participate in Xbox Party Chat without special accommodation from others in the party.

Microsoft has recently announced a 5-year plan to improve #accessibility to people with #disabilities

In this interview, Microsoft’s Chief Accessibility Officer Jenny Lay-Flurrie, who is hard of hearing herself, talks more about her role and goals.

Community News

I’ve always been terrified of losing my hearing – but when it happened, I craved silence

Most people assume that when you go deaf the world gradually gets turned down. The reality is anything but. By Fiona Murphy.

Nothing funny about hearing loss – as my child knows

Hearing loss is a serious challenge that brings with it many frustrations for a diverse range of people. By Megan Blandford.

Deaf Children Australia Youth Grants

Are you deaf or hard of hearing and 15 – 23 years old? Did you know you can apply for a grant of up to $2,500 to help you achieve a personal goal or project?

Hearing Services Program Review – Draft Report

On 14 August 2020, the Hon Mark Coulton, Minister for Regional Health, Regional Communications and Local Government, announced a review into the Hearing Services Program. Stakeholder and community consultation is a key part of the Review. Interested parties can provide feedback on the Draft Report via a short written submission (3 page limit) through the Consultation Hub. Submissions close at noon AEST on Thursday, 24 June 2021.

Arts Access Victoria is asking Victorian music workers (e.g. sound engineers and musicians) about their experience of deafness and/or disability in the music industry. If you’d like to participate anonymously, click here.

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