Accessibility Study with Kmart

Participate in an Accessibility Study with Kmart

Kmart is planning a study for the accessibility of Kmart online and seeking participants who are willing to share their valuable insight and opinion.

It’s an hour interview on Zoom, and you can meet online in your comfortable setting as usual.

There is nothing to prepare, except for your curiosity and kindness to tell something to them.

Kmart offers a gift card worth $120 for the successful candidates to show their appreciation.

Criteria for Participation in this Study

For the criteria for people to participate in this study, please refer to the information below:

  • Over 18 year old
  • who are blind, have low vision or cognitive impairment
  • who use a screen reader or a screen magnifier
  • Often shop online with multiple websites (welcome Kmart customer!)

If you want to join, please click here and complete participant form. Once you complete the form, you will contacted shortly to arrange the session for you.

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