Accessible Floorplans – Have Your Say!

Monash User Study on Accessible Floorplans

  • Are you colour blind, have dyslexia, low vision, or are a wheelchair user?
  • Do you visit public spaces such as train stations, hospitals, and shopping centres?

We would like to hear about your experience in visiting these complex public spaces and how you pre-plan the trip eg: floor plans?

If this applies to you, and you are interested in providing your feedback, we would appreciate 15-20 mins of your valuable time to be spent on answering this online survey¬†for our research project titled: ‘Developing Adaptive Graphics (SVG) for Disabled Users‘.

The next step would be for you to be available for 30-45 minutes so we can talk to you about your experiences in using the floorplans and get feedback on a web based floorplan we’ve developed.

  • We offer a $20 gift card as a show of our appreciation to participants in this project

If you are interested, please contact these Monash University researchers:

  • Mr Yutan Huang ( or
  • Dr Anuradha Madugalla (

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