Ambulance Victoria’s Accessibility Action Plan

Delivering Ambulance Victoria’s First Accessibility Action Plan

Following an extensive consultation involving over 300 patients, paramedics and community members with or representing those with disability, Ambulance Victoria is proud to launch its Accessibility Action Plan. The plan outlines how Ambulance Victoria will better meet the needs of people with disability, including their patients, staff and community. The plan focuses on four key areas:

  1. Inclusion and participation
  2. Information, services and facilities
  3. Employment, training and volunteering
  4. Fairness, respect and safety

The Plan is available in a number of accessible formats that have been tested for screen reader compatibility.

While Ambulance Victoria’s Accessibility Action Plan is now live, their work to deliver a better and more accessible service that supports everyone in their time of need continues.

Please see the Ambulance Victoria web page with more information about its Accessibility Action Plan.


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