ANZ 2019 Graduate Program

ANZ’s 2019 Graduate Program Opportunities for Students with Disability

ANZ’s Graduate Program is designed to challenge, reward and help grow curious minds. ANZ is interested in people from diverse backgrounds, who are excited to be a part of an industry that’s rapidly transforming for a digital and social world and who want to make a difference for ANZ customers, culture and community.  The Graduate Program aims to provide students with the foundations needed to grow and succeed.

Diversity of thinking is key to success, so ANZ encourages students from all degree disciplines to apply for their program.  Their university marks aren’t all that is considered.  ANZ is equally interested in their creative thinking and comfort in adapting to new people and situations.  ANZ are looking for people who learn from challenges and failures and who are digitally savvy and data literate.  Their interests, hobbies, skills and experiences also help us because students are more than a list of skills and attributes.

ANZ has always had a strong history of recruiting students with a disability.  Last year alone they recruited seven students with disabilities into their 2017 Summer Internship Program and will be taking on another three into their Graduate Program for 2018.

ANZ welcomes suitable candidates with disabilities to apply by encouraging those students that identify as PWDs to share this information on their application for ANZ’s 2019 Graduate Program.

Applicants who choose to identify as a person with disability will allow them to help these candidates through the various on-line phases of their application and prepare them for the possible Assessment Centre process.  It will also allow them to provide the necessary reasonable adjustments so that they can increase their chances of success.  Any applicant who shares they have a disability in their application will be contacted by Rob Crestani, Senior Consultant – Abilities Program, personally.

This also allows ANZ to manage their induction and on-boarding to ANZ should they be successful.  Another benefit could be opportunities for unsuccessful candidates to be considered for informal internships through our Abilities Program which works with the various businesses within the Bank to create employment for people with a disability.

Students can apply at for the 2019 ANZ Graduate Program at and can go to this website now to find more details about the program.

Feel free to contact Rob Crestani ( +61 3 8655 0922) should you have any questions or concerns.

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