Autism at Leidos Program

Work With The Leaders At Leidos!

Specialisterne Australia offers an alternative pathway for people on the autism spectrum to connect with employers who recognise and value the contributions and talents that individuals on the spectrum can bring to their organisations.

Leidos is looking to employ and nourish this talent, and they value individuals who are curious, open-minded and wanting to bring their great ideas to the table.

Leidos are looking for five people to join the Leidos team on a full time, permanent basis with flexible ongoing working arrangements, including working from home.

Leidos job opportunities

Leidos has diverse employees who support vital missions for government and commercial customers.

  • They offer flexible working arrangements, discounted health insurance, novated leasing and more.
  • They have a strong track record of fostering careers by way of internal promotion and career transitions.
  • They offer complete access to learning and development and mentoring opportunities.

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