Bargain: Trekker Breeze handheld talking GPS during August and September

For August and September only, HumanWare is lowering The price of the Accessible, hand-held, easy-to-use Trekker Breeze talking GPS.

The GPS is now only $695.

Trekker Breeze automatically verbally announces names of streets, intersections and landmarks as you walk. You always know where you are and where you are going on foot or in a vehicle and you can easily find out what is around in your location (public services and businesses).The Trekker Breeze gives you the step-by-step instructions from start to end for following a route to a destination.

At the Vision Australia Texpo exhibition there will be a HumanWare stand and where you can go and have a good feel of, and look at the Trekker Breeze and ask any questions you may have about how it can help your particular travel circumstances.

Humanware can be contacted on 02 9686 2600 or emailed at if you have any questions about Trekker Breeze or wish to place an order.

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