Calling for all Leaders for Tomorrow!

A new initiative run by Hunter TAFE’s NSW Consumer Support and Training Project with disability consultants, E-QUAL is calling out for applications to ‘Leaders for Tomorrow’. The 12 month program is designed to for young people with disabilities to enhance their leadership potentials through a range of training, coaching, mentoring, other leadership development opportunities and a two day workshop retreat.

Applicants are invited from all areas of skill levels and leadership interests.

And best of all – it’s free! The program is funded by the Australian Government Department of  Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs and covers Travel and accommodation for the retreat, workshop, most course costs, conference costs (domestic), carer or other support cost, interpreters and child care.

At the completion of the year long program, graduates will then be able to pass on their own pearls of wisdom to the following intake, working as mentors.

Click here for more information and application forms.

training, coaching, mentoring and
other leadership development opportunities

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