College Adviser Positions Now Open

Non-Residential Colleges: Applications for the College Adviser Position are Now Open!

The Non-Residential Colleges are looking for College Advisers to join the team for 2023!

Advisers are highly valued members of our support teams who help enhance students’ college experience. As advisers, responsibilities include:

  • providing mentoring and support to college members
  • design and delivery of college events
  • Attending training in interpersonal skills and community leadership
  • referring students to professional supports when needed

Why Should YOU Become an Adviser?

  • after graduation, you will receive an AHEGS statement (supplementary certificate to demonstrate your participation in the program)
  • develop new skills (leadership and cross-cultural communication skills)
  • enhance your resume
  • expand your personal and professional networks
  • opportunity to help other students find their way at University
  • Join team committed to building an inclusive community

Check out Why become a College Adviser to hear from one of our current advisers and this Adviser Training video to learn more about our training program.

Click HERE to apply now. If you’d like to find out more about the role, get in touch with Adam Fernandes at

If you do apply and don’t hear back from us, follow up with an email, as we respond to every application!

  • Applications close Monday 31st October 2022.

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