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Earlier this month, the I CAN Network was featured on ABC’s Australia Wide, and we have had a fantastic response. They interviewed many of our mentors and mentees, and perfectly captured the direct impact that we are having on schools, as well as individuals. Our feature begins at 14:30!

Watch now.

Current Opportunities

Working for I CAN is an experience like no other! We’re Australia’s first social enterprise established by people with Autism. We have a range of roles available, including a new Camp Logistics Coordinator role!

Learn more here.

Chris Varney in the SMH

In case you missed it: last month, our Chief Enabling Officer wrote a piece for the Sydney Morning Herald. Here’s an excerpt:

“The Senate report may be bleak, but I have great expectations for the future. My generation of Australians on the spectrum, and the generations after me, are increasingly rejecting the stuffy textbooks on autism and driving a more positive rethink. This is where the wind is blowing. Public awareness is taking us into a future in which teachers, lecturers and principals will disclose that they are on the spectrum. This future is in today’s classrooms. So principals, think big for your students with a disability. Your school and our future will benefit.”

Read more here.


This month, we discuss our media appearances, shine a spotlight on two people from our movement, and have a guest post from I CAN mentor, Carla Burns.

Read more here.

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