Disability Jobs Connect

Connecting Candidates with a Disability to Meaningful Study and Work Opportunities

This is a joint initiative between National Disability Services in WA and Studium.

The initiative was developed to help people with a disability overcome the challenges of gaining employment and allow proactive employers find the right candidate for their business.

On Studium, there are no job ads or applications.

Candidates simply create a free Studium profile and can be found immediately by employers using keywords and search filters.  

Key benefits of the Disability Jobs Connect Initiative

  • University students with a disability can be found by employers based on their unique skills, attributes, values, education, qualifications and previous experience. They are empowered to share information about their disability if, and when, they want to.  
  • Studium already has over 480 employers searching for candidates, with more expected to be onboarded when the project is launched in the coming months.
  • Studium’s strong partnerships with high schools allows universities to identify students with a disability earlier than ever before and support them as they make their transition to tertiary education. 

Most of the current roles are in WA, but there are plans to expand to the east coast. For more information about this initiative, please see the attached flyer.

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