Employ My Ability

Employ My Ability – the Disability Employment Strategy

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The Australian Government has developed Employ My Ability – the Disability Employment Strategy, to provide a guiding framework for governments, employers and the broader community to increase employment outcomes for people with disability.

The vision is create inclusive workplaces where people with disability can thrive in their careers.

Through Employ My Ability, the Government is looking to make meaningful changes to the way supports to jobseekers with disability are delivered, and empower employers to confidently recruit people with disability.

Four Priority Areas

Employ My Ability has four priority areas:

  1. Lifting employer engagement, capability and demand
  2. Building employment skills, experience and confidence of young people with disability
  3. Improving systems and services for job seekers and employers
  4. Changing community attitudes
  • Find out how you can contribute to the success of this strategy by visiting: www.dss.gov.au/disability-and-carers/disability-employment-strategy

Employ My Ability is available in the following accessible formats:

Showing Support

Many businesses are already committed to improving diversity within their own organisations, and are demonstrating this by publically endorsing Employ My Ability.

  • If your organisation would like more information on endorsing Employ My Ability, you can reach out to the Department of Social Services at dep@dss.gov.au.

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