Final Year Project Opportunities with RARG

Student Final Year Project Opportunities with the Rail Accessibility Research Group

The Monash Institute of Railway Technology’s Rail Accessibility Research Group (RARG) is a focused group of multidisciplinary academics, designers and engineers who are leading research in Australia to deliver innovative solutions to improve accessibility to railway networks (including light rail).

Their research also covers stop and station design. There is the need to be adaptive and considerate of a range of user needs to deliver multimodal, seamless accessibility for:

  • People with a disability
  • Older people
  • Parents with prams
  • And bike riders, as examples of the diversity in user groups.

The research group is mindful that accessibility and equity for all should not just be limited to the station area. There should be seamless access to the surrounding precinct, providing connectivity to dwellings, streets, and neighbourhoods as well.

Final Year Project For Civil Engineering Students

RARG offers a range of research and/or design and build projects for undergraduate students, such as students undertaking their final year projects in engineering.

At present, the following final year project is available for Civil Engineering students at Clayton:

Railway Station Accessibility in Victoria: Improving Information Availability for Users

One or two students are sought to compare and contrast suggested practices for providing railway station accessibility information to people with disabilities, and benchmark these suggested practices against current practices being used elsewhere in the country (or the world).

Guided by their findings, the student(s) will design and develop two or three models for providing accessibility information to the public; with the option of potentially presenting these models to members of the disability community for critique.

  • For further information regarding the above project, please contact Dr. Wynita Griggs at

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