Getting ready for work is all about being prepared!

The more you know, the more skills you have in using things like technology or asserting your needs, the more likely you are to succeed. There are some great programs out there to assist people with disabilities in the workplace. Make sure you are prepared and knowledgeable for the workplace. This all starts at Work Experience. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Choosing Your Path. Disclosure: It’s A Personal Decision’ addresses these challenges for people with disabilities, employers and educators. The website provides substantial information about options and pathways that people with disabilities can use in disclosing their disability in post secondary education and employment environments. The website also articulates the role and responsibilities of employers and educators in relation to disclosure . ‘Choosing Your Path. Disclosure: It’s A Personal Decision’ is a web based, collaborative project, written and funded by the University of Western Sydney, Federation University and the National Disability Coordination Officer Program.

JobAccess is a free service providing help and workplace solutions for the employment of people with disability.


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