GradWISE Information Session

Join the GradWISE Team for an Information Session

Join the GradWISE team for an information session to learn about the award winning program and supports available to students and graduates living with a disability, injury or illness in securing sustainable employment in their field of study.

  • Register here to save the date: Wednesday 24 November 2021 at 11am AEDT

GradWISE Student Testimonials

“Being mentored by Edward, Chardee and Grace over the last 5 months has really helped me keep on track with my studies by having people that I can report to and keep accountability with for maintaining good habits that will allow me to work towards my goals.

“The Neurozone report was a good way to reflect on areas I can improve on, like having better nutrition and being able to discuss and tailor weekly plans was a good way to stay on top of taking care of my mental and physical health. Additionally, since I have recently graduated and am on the hunt for jobs, it has been reassuring to be able to send my resume and cover letters to be checked prior to applying for roles.

“GradWISE takes a holistic approach to supporting their students and would definitely recommend more students partake in their program as they have a lot to offer and genuinely care about our wellbeing.”

And this:

“…GradWISE is fantastic because I found my dream job through this program!

The head of GradWISE, Edward and the program manager, Chardee have encouraged me and guide me to apply the graduate positions through the disability pathway.

“I was so excited after the first meet with them; they are so friendly and professional. They have not only brought me the valuable information but the hope in getting a graduate job that I really want.”

And finally this:

“A program like GradWISE which informs and guides you about your future options and gives you the much needed assurance that you are not on your own, is indeed a very good idea.

“I think it fills a gap that exists during the transitional period between finishing studies and starting work. Feeling supported and guided during this period saves students from unnecessary anxiety born out of uncertainty.

“Because help via GradWISE comes to you at your campus, all students have an equal opportunity of getting guidance and support.

“The neurozone Survey is a good way to assess where each individual student is at so that then they may be helped to shape their thoughts and actions in a beneficial way. The positive mindset can help in all areas of life including finding jobs and maintaining good work ethics.”


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